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What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris

Your first time in Paris is a champagne-soaked vision of dreams come true. You eagerly check off all the must-dos, the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, a Seine picnic. Paris the first time is all about throwing yourself fully into the postcards (or Pinterest images) you’ve seen your whole life. But the City of Lights draws people back again and again – so what to do on your second visit to Paris?

I actually had no desire to go to Paris a second time. My first visit was fine, but the city didn’t sparkle for me. Little did I know that fifteen years later I would inadvertently stumble into my own Parisian daydream. Because maybe some cities are just better the second time around. So if you need ideas of things to do in Paris if you’ve been here before, I have a few suggestions–

Stay in a posh Paris apartment

First time Paris visits are about being a tourist – second Paris visits are about immersing yourself in Parisian culture. The best way to slip into your alternate European life is by checking out knockout rentals in France. French living in the epitome of style, whether it’s modern chic or tasteful baroque. Because what’s more dreamy than a romantic evening out in the streets of Paris, ending with a glass of champagne at home in your jacuzzi bath? Or waking up and enjoying your morning coffee with your own personal view of the Eiffel Tower? Indulging in a little bit of luxury is one of my favorite ways to see a new side of an ‘old’ city.

What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris _ Paris Skyline

It’s all about them views here in Paris.

Eat the baguettes the president eats

Not all baguettes are created equal, even in Paris. Did you know that each year, after a grueling competition, a bakery is chosen as the Meilleur Prix de Baguette de Paris and is invited to supply the president’s table? Scattered throughout the city are boulangeries that have received the gold stamp of approval from this Best Baguette in Paris competition, a high-stakes grand prix that maintains the grueling standards of traditional French baking.

I would never say that there is a best bakery in Paris – but I’m saying maybe it’s worth researching. (I hope you brought your stretchy pants with you.) The 2017 winner of Best Baguette in Paris was Sami Bouattour, who runs Boulangerie Brun at 193 rue de Tolbiac. Bon appétit!

Take an alternative Paris day trip

For first-time visitors, the number one day trip is Versailles. And rightly so. It’s an epic, sprawling palace of history and excess. But, after you’ve checked Versailles off your must-do list, there are so many other places to explore. My suggestion for an alternative Paris day trip is Rouen, the capital of Normandy. Accessible by train, Rouen offers a taste of French medieval villages – yes, built up to a proper city now. Get your Norman products straight from the source, all the cheese, cider, and caramel you can stomach.

Normandy is a fantastic, under-valued region in France. Read my other article to find out why you should visit Normandy.

What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris _ Rouen, Normandy

Go to an alternative Paris museum

Ok, to be honest, Paris is so stuffed with museums that you’d have be on your fifteenth visit to get to any of the lesser-known ones. But, if you’ve already ticked off the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée de l’Orangerie, the Centre Georges Pompidou (to name just a few, I literally can’t list all the ‘big name’ museums here), it might be time to branch off into other pursuits. What about the Paris Sewer Museum? Or if you want to slip completely into pastel nostalgia, how about the Musée des Arts Forains, the Fairground Art Museum? Or maybe disappear into the slightly off-kilter world of the Musée de la Magie, Museum of Magic? There’s so much diversity in the off the beaten path Paris museum scene, you’re bound to find something to match your own personal niche.

Go on a Paris street art scavenger hunt

Paris has been a flashpoint for art and culture for hundreds of years, but some of the most intriguing modern works aren’t seen in a museum. With several prominent street artists hailing from the city, including the famous Invader, who makes 8-bit style tile mosaics, the streets are just as absorbing as a curated exhibit hall. One of the things I love about Paris street art is the sheer variety. From paint to glass to paper, the artists are resourceful in their exterior decorating.

What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris _ Invader Street Art

All my childhood geekdom comes to life above fancy French boutiques.

Discover 1920s Paris

Is there a period of time more romantic than 1920s Paris? Not only are we talking glitz and glam and jazz, but also a dynamic arts community where intellect and pathos jostled elbows. So while you’re in Paris, you can step back in time for a little glamorous nostalgia. Whether it’s going on an Art Deco scavenger hunt, slipping into a speakeasy, or immersing yourself in a jazz concert, you can keep the spirit of the Roaring Twenties alive.

Go for a festival or special event

One of my favorite ways to experience a city I’ve already visited is to go during a festival. You can enjoy the event without worrying about missing out on the top sights since you’ve already seen them. Paris, of course, has a calendar packed with special events. Paris hosts everything from EDM concerts to wine festivals to Comic Con. Outdoor opera performances, candlelit nights at stunning chateaus, Fashion Week spilling onto the streets. And then, just when you thought Paris couldn’t get more romantic, Christmas arrives with gilded wreaths and glowing markets, multi-colored fairy lights twinkling all over the city.

And dare I mention shopping as one of Paris’s special events? Twice a year, and only twice a year, the stores have epic sales, “les soldes” – so if you dream of a Paris shopping spree, book your trip around one of them!

What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris _ Paris Gardens

Take a class in Paris

Love to eat French food? Get in the kitchen with a real pro! Dream of days painting iconic French vistas? Learn from a Parisian artist! Wish you could master the language of love? Get flirting tips from a local! When you’re out of the daily grind of your own life, you’re more open to new thoughts and ideas. Why not seize the opportunity to pick up a new skill? You’ll think of your trip whenever you make coq au vin or pick up a paintbrush or whisper “t’as des beaux yeux, tu sais?”

What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris _ French Pastries

If I learned how to make pastries like these, I would be a danger to myself and others.

Eat with local Parisians

The Paris dining scene is, at the same time, one of the most time-honored and inventive food scenes in the world. The city shines with Michelin stars. But restaurants, no matter how iconic they are, can be impersonal. Now, there are numerous websites that let you join a local for a dinner party. Talented amateurs – or even professional chefs – host intimate dinner parties in their homes for locals and visitors. Get a glimpse of what it’s really like to be a Paris local by savoring French food in a Montmartre flat! I did one of these in New York and had a fantastic Japanese-influenced vegetarian meal in a Williamsburg loft (seriously, can you get any more Brooklyn??), one of my favorite meals to date. Or, if you’re on a budget, you can find locals to eat with through websites like Couchsurfing or Wanderful – it may be not a gourmet meal served at home, but a chance to connect with locals always makes a trip memorable!

Go for a wander

Your first time in Paris, you are trying to pack in as much as possible in the precious limited time, and so many nuances can get overlooked. But on a return trip to Paris, you have time to wander, get lost, take detours, double-back.

What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris _ Paris Opera House It was my second time in Paris that I discovered the village-esque street of Rue Crémieux, a row of cotton candy colored townhouses. And I was lured over to the opera house one evening by the sound of music – to see an impromptu dance party on the steps of Paris’s iconic venue. And I finally searched out the Galeries Lafayette terrace for a spectacular view of Paris – not once, but twice in just a few days. And it was my second time in Paris when I finally fell in love with the whimsical daydream of the city and an idea was planted in my head… that maybe I’ll just have to come back to Paris a third time.

So many people visit the French capital again and again – what are your tips for an unforgettable second visit to Paris?

What To Do On Your Second Visit to Paris France

Planning a trip to Paris, France? Make sure you pin this post for what to do if you’re looking for alternative ideas or suggestions on what to do on your second visit to Paris!

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14 thoughts on “What To Do on Your Second Visit to Paris

    1. Amy Post author

      Paris seems to do a fantastic job putting on concerts — on the street, in tiny clubs, in chateaus! Fabulous atmospheres everywhere.

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Amy,

    Fun list of things to do.

    I’m in for trying a baguette they serve to the president. I imagine it is wonderful. Because even somewhat average baguettes I enjoy – by a foodie’s tough standards – taste delicious, so I imagine how amazing those top shelf baguettes taste.

    Either way, I do need to make my way to Paris and Europe. I have spent so much time in SE Asia, and Central America, and even the Middle East recently. Time to change things up for some future trips.

    Thanks for sharing Amy.


    1. Amy Post author

      Baguettes are the reason I can’t live in Paris — I would balloon thirty pounds from all their amazing pastries!
      I’m having the opposite conundrum to you, by the way! Most of my time abroad/traveling has been spent in Europe. Even though my time in Kyiv is ending soon, I don’t see myself going far until fall 2018. I’m definitely thinking about getting back to Asia!

  2. Lynne Nieman

    What a wonderful post with fabulous ideas. I’ve been to Paris once and, unlike you, loved it. But I want to go back and experience it like a local. Now I’ll have some great tips!

    1. Amy Post author

      Glad you found it helpful, Lynne! I’m definitely starting to appreciate the appeal of returning to destinations — once you see all the touristy things and then you can just relax and enjoy a more ‘local’ life!

  3. Helena

    I really enjoyed this post and there are some great suggestions! I have a funny relationship with Paris. I’ve been three times, both with my family and with friends and I just can’t seem to catch that Paris bug. I’m planning to eventually give it a fourth try, because I really do want to like it. Determination!

    1. Amy Post author

      I totally feel ya, Helena. I was not enthusiastic about returning a second time — it was part of a family trip — but I found that taking a more local approach made all the difference. Mornings eating croissants and drinking fresh juice, days spent wandering, nights watching football with our French friends. It was much more fun than running around checking off must-sees!

  4. Adventurous Kate

    Great idea for a post! I’m a big fan of Paris and I agree that your second trip should be about getting deeper and off the beaten path a bit. One of my favorite places to hang out is Rue Montorgueuil — amazing food shops and so very Parisian without being overly touristy.

  5. Katalin

    I think when I visit Paris, I should check these places instead of the ‘compulsory’ ones. I’d love to explore street art and eat something out of the touristy places.

    1. Amy Post author

      I’m glad you found the list helpful, Katalin! Street art is everywhere in Paris, I was so impressed. So even if you just doing the touristy things, you should see a lot if you’re on the lookout!

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