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9 Under-the-Radar Travel Snapchatters Jet-Setting Around the Globe

9 Travel Snapchatters

Get your phones out…

I had this one student in New York who was always on Snapchat, and I just didn’t get it. I swore up and down that I was too old to pick up yet another social media and that Snapchat would be the one that would put me in a different generation.

But Adventurous Kate kept talking about Snapchat and I got curious. And I caved. Suddenly I had a portal to weddings in Kuwait City, world-class restaurants in Copenhagen, pristine beaches in Thailand, and late-night tapas and wine in Barcelona. And now, as with most social media, I’m addicted. Snapchat and travel blogging are a perfect pair. It’s a fantastic way to get a glimpse across the world when you can’t leave your city (or are choosing to lazy it up in bed).

The problem is that it’s incredibly difficult to find people on Snapchat. There’s no general search function. And the same big name, professional bloggers appear again and again and again and again on every single travel Snapchatter list (and for good reason). But I knew there were people out there having fantastic adventures who aren’t already top-notch travel bloggers, so I went and found them. If you’re jonesing for adventure, here are some of my favorite under-the-radar travel Snapchatters you should check out!

1. Calvin Young from 

Snapchat: seektheworld

Travel Snapchatters_seektheworld

Calvin Young is one of the best adventure travel Snapchatters out there. He doesn’t let the challenges of being a deaf traveler get in the way of experiencing the world to the extreme, from snorting chocolate in Belgium to exploring an amusement park in a Romanian salt mine! With a background in media, he knows how to put together a compelling video story and his natural charisma and enthusiasm just adds to the fun.

2. Carly Hulls from 

Snapchat: carlyhulls

Travel Snapchatters_carlyhulls

Carly Hulls is an Australian expat in Austria and her delight with her winter wonderland is contagious. Carly is all about diving into life with gusto and she’ll show you everything from her favorite ski slope cuisine to ice skating in the middle of Vienna. If you dream of medieval castles and European vineyards, Carly Hulls is the girl to follow.

3. Aileen from 

Snapchat: iamaileencom

Travel Snapchatters_iamaileen

Aileen’s goal is to take you around the world, documenting local life, exploring must-sees and must-dos and overcoming the challenges of traveling on a third world passport. Having left her 9-to-5 life in the Philippines three years ago, she’s become a pro at nomadic life. She’s currently based in Belgium but will be exploring Japan, Indonesia and her home country before a European train trip this summer!

4. Brendan van Son from

Snapchat: brendanvanson

Travel Snapchatters_brendanvanson

As a professional photographer, Brendan is constantly country hopping, from Hong Kong to Morocco. He’ll show you behind the scenes of some of his breath-taking shots, all with a spirit of fun and wonder. He’ll share his drama, too, like when his drone was confiscated by the Morocco border police!

5. Eva Casey from 

Snapchat: evaeec

Travel Snapchatters_evaeec

Eva is currently on an extended adventure in Central America. She’ll show you cocoa plantations, terrifying zip lining shenanigans, the best beach sunsets and her enthusiasm for coffee all over the world. Harry Potter fans, take note – this girl is headed to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in August.

6. Ashley Babin and Alex Sexton from

Snapchat: pursuitadventur

Travel Snapchatters_pursuitadventur

Ashley and Alex are all about taking their time to get to know a place and experiencing the culture through food and drink. They’ll give you descriptions of local food, rate restaurants and share their wealth of wine knowledge. Check out their travel Snapchat for all the best eating and drinking in Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Dubrovnik and more, as well as their current adventures cooking and cocktail-making in California!

7. Nikki Vargas from 

Snapchat: pinthemap

Travel Snapchatters_pinthemap

A New York-based traveler, Nikki’s always got something to show off no matter if she’s home or abroad. Invested in exploring and experiencing the local culture, she’s also not afraid to bend some of the rules and get into some mischief. She bounces all over the globe, currently a three-week backpacking trip to Europe followed by a trip to Nicaragua.

8. Sonja Erin from 

Snapchat: migratingmiss

Travel Snapchatters_migratingmiss

Sonja is a serial expat hailing from New Zealand. She’s just recently moved to Spain to teach English in the charming beach city of Almería. She’ll give you an insider look into the life of an expat (especially one who doesn’t speak the local language) and take you on adventures around Europe, like her recent weekend getaway to Nerja and Granada.

9. Amy Butler from 

Snapchat: wayfarersbook

Travel Snapchatters_wayfarersbook

Camera shy at first, I’ve become pretty addicted to Snapchat. I’ve shared all the donuts in Montreal (that I could eat), the view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, bizarre carnival celebrations on the tiny Mexican island of Holbox and so much more. Next up – I’ve got a one-way ticket to Kiev and several months in Europe!

If you’re still looking for more travelers to follow, check out Will The Broke Backpacker’s list of rising Snapchat stars — a fantastic list with not just the standard names!

Those are some of my favorite travel Snapchatters! Who do you follow to escape into the world?

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17 thoughts on “9 Under-the-Radar Travel Snapchatters Jet-Setting Around the Globe

  1. Eva Casey

    Thanks so much for including me in this list, Amy! I follow most of these awesome people, but now I’m adding a few more to the list! Your snapchat story is one I really look forward to watching, can’t wait to see more of Europe with you!

  2. Cailin

    Great list! I have some new people to follow now too! Thanks! I have been using Snapchat a lot lately and have become somewhat obsessed. lol

    1. Amy Post author

      You’ve got hilarious stories, Cailin! You’re one of the first pro travel bloggers I followed on Snapchat (it’s CailinONeil, y’all!).

    1. Amy Post author

      Woohoo, spreading the Snapchat love! Loved your Barcelona snaps and can’t wait to learn more about cocktails and cooking with you guys in California!

    1. Amy Post author

      Love following your snaps, Sonja! They make me want to visit Spain again (last time I was 15 and on a tour, so it would be a *way* different experience now).

    1. Amy Post author

      Always happy to pass on suggestions! :) I really enjoyed your Taipei night market snaps recently — it’s always the first recommendation my Taiwanese students have about visiting their country.

  3. Megan

    Yay I added you on snapchat (I only use my for personal usage meaning I take a lot of photos of my dog and food). It is so refreshing to see new faces on one of these posts. So many posts like this just copy and paste the names that other articles put. I love finding new people to follow! Thanks for sharing

    1. Amy Post author

      Thanks, Megan! I added you back too! It’s so hard to find new people without a search function on there, and I got tired of seeing the same people over and over again on every list. And it’s growing so fast! This post isn’t even that old and I could probably write another one with new travelers I’ve found.

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